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Contraction voltage model knowledge of cable accessories - cable accessories
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In the cable accessories selection we daily in addition to encounter heat shrinkable cable accessories, cable accessories such as knowledge and selection of cable accessories category and link form outside, still often involves a kind of cableaccessories selection knowledge, is the cable accessories voltage problem. We usually are familiar with all kinds of cable accessories 1kV, 10kV, 20kV, 35kV, but sometimes we have a 8.7/15kv such as cable accessories, first contact to cable accessories friends expressed do not understand, do not know the two cable accessories voltage level representation of similarities and differences. The heat shrinkable materials to introduce the professional knowledge of the field:

First we should know about the method of voltage and current in the wire and cablesaid in low voltage cable: nominal voltage of cables should be represented by a U0/U,U is the voltage between conductor and cable design, U0 is the conductor on thevoltage between metallic shielding cable design (simply conductor to ground voltage).

In our country, usually indicated by U voltage level cable, this is after the founding of new Chinese completely by Soviet standards left to the habit, the representation of the 10kV cable in fact refers to the 6/10kV or 8.7/10kV cable, 6 / 10kV cable is the first class of system of 10kV cable, 10kV cable is 8.7 / second system 10kV cable, 6kV cable is 6 / second system 6kV cable, 8.7 / 15kV cable is the first class of system of 15kV cable. Not because the structure of 6 / 6kV and 6 / 10kV cable cable of the same that they are 10kV cable. Insulation thickness of 8.7 / 10kV 6 / 10kV cable andcable are different, but they are really cable 10kV voltage level, and are used in the 10kV voltage level of transmission and substation circuit, only the center line to ground in different ways. 8.7 / 10kV cable is used for the center point non effective grounding of 10kV line, 6 / 10kV cable is used for the center point effectively grounded (or ground) 10kV line. 10kV cable line most Chinese belongs to the centerpoint non effective grounding system, so a lot of the 8.7 / 10kV cable, line effectively grounded system center also has, such as railway, petrochemical system with centereffective grounding of 10kV line. 10kV cable lines in western countries most belong to the central point of effective grounding (or ground) system, the 6 / 10kV (6.35 / 11kV)cable used more.

Now our country electric power system voltage level 220/380V (0.4kV), 3kV, 6kV,10kV, 20kV, 35kV, 66kV, 110kV, 220kV, 330kV, 500kV. With the improvement ofmanufacturing process of motor, 10kV motor has batch production, so 3kV, 6kV hasless use, 20kV, 66kV also rarely use. Power supply system based on 10kV, 35kV.Transmission and distribution system based on the 110kV more than the main.Generator with 6kV and 10kV two, now dominated by 10kV, users are 220/380V(0.4kV) in low voltage system. According to the "Regulations" provisions of city powernetwork design rules: transmission network for 500kV, 330kV, 220kV, 110kV, high voltage distribution network for 110kV, 66kV, medium voltage distribution network,20kV, 10kV, 6kV, low voltage distribution network 0.4kV (220V/380V). Power plantemits 6kV or 10kV electric power plant, in addition to themselves (power plant), you can also use the 10kV voltage to the user near the power plant, 10kV power supplyrange of 10Km, 35kV 20~50Km, 66kV 30~100Km, 110kV 50~150Km, 220kV100~300Km, 330kV 200~600Km, 500kV 150~850Km.

For the power lines, we often meet with YJV or YJVV XLPE cable voltage type: 0.6/1kv,3.6/6kv, often with 6/6kv, 6/10kv, 8.7/10kv, 8.7/15kv, 12/20kv, 18/20kv, 18/30kv,21/35kv, 26/35kv.

And we designed the cable accessories, usually is the 0.6/1kv cable accessory called the 1kV cable, 8.7/15kv cable accessory called the 10kV cable, 12/20kv cable accessories called 20kV 26/35kv cable accessories, cable accessories called 35kVCable accessories, a total of four, when we choose the cable accessories voltagemodel, according to the applied to low voltage and high voltage grade, applying the principle of low level can not be in high voltage level selection, such as the 6/10kvcable can be selected 8.7/15kv 10kV shrinkable cable accessories or heat shrinkablecable accessories. Of course the above knowledge did not mention it can consult themanufacturer, the manufacturer will provide appropriate specifications and modelsaccording to their own product design features.

In a word, no matter how voltage cables, as long as the safe and economic conditionscan be optional cable accessories.